Best Heat Pump Reviews

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heat-pumpDuring winter, rooms are very cold and specific device will increase the temperature with sending heat into the room. At summer, the room is hot and temperature should be maintained as lower to keep it fresh. To increase temperature, you need heater and air conditioner to decrease it. Two devices for one room is excessive. The best heat pump is what you need to maintain temperature in any condition. It is able to control temperature during any season. Besides, heat pump has many advantages compared to air conditioner. You will get comprehensive review about heat pump such as top product, benefits, price, and additional tips. They will also help you the best drills for home use

What Is a Heat Pump?

Literally, heat pump is device that takes heat as the source then transfers it into intended room. To do such process requires complex system. What are differences between this device and air conditioner? Such question always comes up in people mind when hearing about heat pump or any related device. As you know, this device works in two basic principles. It takes thermal energy from cold area then sending it into open space. Second method is focusing on airflow and no chemical element. Unlike air conditioner, this device is purely mechanical system, though recent version is more complex. Basic principle is still similar to the old model. Here you will find the best blowjob machine and more.

Top 5 Best Heat Pump Brands Reviews

Trane Heat Pumps

trane-heat-pumpThere are many manufacturers in this field with various products. Technology in this kind of device grows significantly. You may find specific technology that cannot be found in others. One of prominent manufacturers in this industry is Trane. Several products are considered the best Trane Heat Pumps because high-efficiency and energy saving. If you want ultimate efficiency, XV20i is the top choice.

You are able to identify capability of this product from its name. SEER rate is 20 and HSPF is 10. SEER is rating for cooling system and heating rate is defined from HSPF. 20 is the top number in cooling rate. Besides XV20i, Trane introduces XV18i. It is lower level than previous model, but it is still capable to give ultimate result to maintain the room temperature. This device uses compressor that designed into variable speed. Every Trane product uses insulated steel as cover to avoid noisy when working at maximum stage.

Goodman Heat Pumps

goodman-heat-pumpGoodman offers several heat pumps for customers to fulfill their needs. One of Goodman Heat Pumps is DSZC18. Cooling level or SEER is 18 and 9.5 for HSPED Performance. Manufacturer designs this product in box-style with black color. The features are two-stage compression, pressure switches, short-cycle protection, and strong steel as cover. It is the top product in Goodman lineup. Besides, you may try DSZC16. Its capability might be lower than DSZC18, but it is able to deliver energy saving at utmost rate. SEER rating is 16 and 9.5 for HSPE level.

Goodman develops technology called Comfortnet Communication. It is special feature to maintain device at stable process. You are able to change temperature from hot into cold without any problem. Two-stage compressor is available to make the process efficient. The design is simple, but the material is high quality to keep the device from malfunction. Moreover, the device is suitable for housing or residential utilization. Goodman’s product is available at near store.

Carrier Heat Pumps

carrier-heat-pumpCarrier Heat Pumps consist of three major brands: Infinity, Performance, and Comfort. Each of them have specific design. Infinity is one of top selling products from Carrier. 25VNA0 is the best heat pump with SEER rating up to 20.5 and heating efficiency reaches 13 levels. Carrier develops Greenspeed technology to bring ultimate mechanism in heat pump. The system incorporates variable-speed method for compression. To protect form external obstacles, manufacturer puts galvanized steel to cover sensitive parts.

It is able to withstand extreme condition, including snow and heavy rain. Remote control lets owner to set speed at certain level to match with room condition. When you need quick changing on temperature level, Performance is good option. SEER and HSPF ratings might be lower than Infinity, but the quality and capability are unquestionable. As part of Carrier product, it is right device for building. To compress airflow, it uses two-stage mechanism.

York Heat Pumps

york-heat-pumpOne important matter when picking heat pump is sound reduction. Compressor inside the device is going to exhaust sound when changes thermal energy from surroundings then turn into specific temperature level. York Heat Pumps provide less disturbance noise. It is the high durability heat pump. Actually, the device still produces noise but at low level that hardly to be heard. York’s products consist of two variants: Affinity and LX series.

YZH Heat Pump is one of Affinity series and using two-stage compression to increase or decrease temperature level. SEER rate is up to 18 and 10.00 HSPF. After using this product, you can save more energy up to 44%. It is very promising product to install at home or building. The capacity is two to five tons. For larger space, you recommend to use LX Series. Efficiency level is below Affinity, but it is still capable to deliver energy saving at utmost level.

Lennox Heat Pumps

lennox-heat-pumpFor heat pump, Lennox produces several top products for customers. One of them is XP25. On the market, it is rare to find device with SEER level up to 23. Normally, you find at 17 to 20, even lower than 17. On contrary, Lennox Heat Pumps are able to reach 23 levels that mean it is very efficient in cooling process.

For heating performance, 10.2 is the best score that it obtained from eligible testing. Another product from Lennox is XP21. It is the lower model, but it will capable to deliver ultimate result in temperature management. One of reason why customers like this product is noiseless feature.

Type of Heat Pump

There is no definitive type of heat pump. Common category can be seen in installation location. Heat pump can be divided into residential and tall building. Apartment belongs to residential because heat pump is utilized for personal need. Tall building means more than four floors in one building. It might be commercial or office utilization. Besides space, heat pump is able to be put into compression type. Single mode uses old technology, but still exists on market. Medium level is designed with double or two-stage compression. It is common in many products. The last technology is variable speed. Owner can change the speed of compressor to match with room capacity and preference.

The Advantage of Heat Pump

People choose heat pump because it has many advantages. It is electrical device so very efficient in term of energy consumption. As you know, heat basic process does not create heat. On contrary, this device transfers heat from one area to others. The process relies on air compression. In general, this kind device is suitable for moderate climate such as subtropical or tropical country. You cannot expect to get extreme cold as air conditioner, but this device is able to decrease temperature quickly. Besides energy consumption, it has benefits in maintenance and cost investment. Initial cost is higher but energy saving implies further cost utilization. In addition, you do not have to do monthly maintenance.

This device is categorized into environmental friendly appliance. There is no chemical pollution or any contamination risk while using it in daily life. It is part of long-term benefit. In short-term usage, you will save the energy. You do not have to put main system inside the room. For building, it does not ruin decoration. You may see big case covered in metal at wall or top building. There is heat pump and you see at the room then do not find any trace of such device. It can work silently and you only know temperature is already up or down.

Price and How to Pick the Right Heat Pump

As it stated frequently, initial price is very high than air conditioner or regular heater. For residential or housing, you need to spend at least $700. It is estimation calculation because certain manufacturers put the base price in more than $1,000. Heat pump prices are related to some factors, such as technology, efficiency level, Energy Star, material, installation, local taxes, and additional equipment. If you decide to buy heat pump, you may have $2,000 to prevent unexpected cost. Of course, the building or large room will spend more money for first installation of heat pump. Estimate price is about $2,500 for complete installation.

On previous section, you see several manufacturers with their own brand and specifications. For general matters, you need to know how to pick the right heat pump. Firstly, you should determine room space. Small and big rooms have their differences. Using big and high capability heat pump is not suitable for room. This matter is similar to big space. You can buy product specifically for small or big room.

One alternative is parallel installation. This method can be seen in building where a heat pup will handle one floor. Of course, the device is very big. For residential or housing, you can try one device for several rooms.

As stated earlier, cost effectiveness and energy saving are the primary factors of this device to emerge. However, you still cannot ignore initial cost. Before going to the store, you have to make sure to have enough money to pay the device until installation process. The next consideration is where you live.

Actually, the best heat pump is capable to be installed in any area regardless geographic factors. Of course, this matter still influences utility of temperature-controlled device. In extreme weather, heat pump works harder than usual. To fill room with thermal energy, the device needs more electricity during cold season. Instead of saving money, you are going to end up in high cost. Check season, weather, and climate around your house before going to the store.